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Where children, teens and families learn to grieve and heal from the death of someone close to them.
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2nd Week of Gratitude

November 7th–Today we recognize and thank Sattler Insurance for allowing the Willow Center to use their board room for our Board of Directors’ meeting every month. The room and staff are very accommodating. It may not seem like much; but it is those little acts of kindness that help keep things going!

November 8th–Thanks today to each of the 15 members of our Board as well as those who have served on our Board in the past. Our Board of Directors oversee all Willow Center operations: publicity, fundraising, finances, everything. They are tireless ambassadors for Willow Center committed to ensuring grief services for children and their families. Thank you so much for the time you volunteer to make our program possible.

November 9th–Thank you Steve Carlton for donating the use of a storage unit that houses all of our Camp Erin supplies. We really appreciate your generosity.

November 10th–We are grateful to our Palouse Advisory Council members who are dedicated to the establishment of the Willow Center for the Palouse region. They are true ambassadors of the program – caring for children in grief while assisting with fundraising and P.R.

November 11th–Today we thank the men and women who have served our country and kept us safe. We also pay tribute to those that are currently serving at home or abroad. God bless America!

November 12th–Today we thank the many church groups that contribute to our work through their prayers, financial support and donation of supplies. We especially recognize y,All Saints Catholic Community the Congregational Presbyterian Church, and the Community of Christ Church for their support.

November 13th–We are grateful for the support from the Friends of Hospice Organization in Pullman. This foundation and board is dedicated to the quality of life, before and after a death, for children, adults and families. Thanks for all you do to care for those in need.



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