Willow Center, Inc. For Grieving Children
Where children, teens and families learn to grieve and heal from the death of someone close to them.
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Center FAQ

How much does the program cost?

The Willow Center program is free of charge. We can do this because of generous donations by businesses and community members throughout the region.

How often does group meet?

We meet the first and third Tuesdays in Lewiston of each month and typically run from 60 to 90 minutes.

Can adults participate?

Parents or relatives of children are invited to participate in the adult support group to learn more about how children grieve. Adult participation isn’t mandatory but an adult must accompany the children to group and remain on premise at all times.

Is grief sometimes mistaken for something else?

Yes. Each child will grieve differently. Some are quiet, some hide feelings and some act out. That’s why it’s important to let them grieve in their own way and channel the energy in a positive direction.

Is there a time limit to participating in the program?

Length of participation varies depending on individual needs. Some children attend a few sessions while others attend for many years. Children and families are welcome to return to the program whenever they are in need of grief support.

Where did the idea to help grieving children come from?

Willow Center is modeled after a nationally recognized bereavement program called the Dougy Center that is located in Portland, Oregon.

When is the right time for my child to participate in the program?

Children and families may attend any time after a significant death has occurred; it may a few weeks, a few months or even a couple of years. There may be life situations that occur that trigger grief responses and peer group support can be very helpful to children and teens during this time. While we understand that in some situations children are anticipating a death of someone close to them and may be having difficulty with this, our program is designed to assist children and families after a death has occurred. We do have resources to share that can assist when families are anticipating a loss.

How will participating in this program help my child?

Children at the Willow Center are with other kids in their age group that have experienced a death. They participate together in activities that support the expression of feelings and emotions that increase their understanding of death, loss and the process of grief, and decrease feelings of isolation associated with grief. This in turn can improve their social, emotional and academic development.

It’s not practical for us to bring our child to sessions. Can the Willow Center still help my child (children)?

Yes!  Willow Center has many resources available for children and adults.  We are happy to mail brochures, books and videos that may provide some information and support for you and your family.  Please call the Willow Center to request materials so we can send information that best matches your needs.

“The Willow Center has been so helpful in our feelings. We are able to express or not to express. I know I feel safety and comfortable talking about the many types of grief.”

– Parent Participant



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