Willow Center, Inc. For Grieving Children
Where children, teens and families learn to grieve and heal from the death of someone close to them.
Help, Hope, Healing

Welcome to Willow Center

Since 2000, Willow Center has been a safe place for children to come and feel as if they belong when sometimes that’s very difficult after a death. Talking about grief, sadness, their loved one who has died, etc…none of this is strange or out of the ordinary at Willow Center. It’s a place to ask questions. A place to help children normalize their grief.

What happens after someone dies?

Where did my dad go after the funeral?

Why do people die?

Why do I always feel sad?

Volunteers go through over 24 hours of training to help answer these questions (and many others) and guide children through their own very personal grief journey. Each and every volunteer is invested in each child’s well-being and healing and is committed to making Willow Center the very best it can be.

But…we need your help.

We want to be able to reach every family who might need our services. Death does not pick and choose based on income, education, race, gender or age. Death is a part of life and for some of us and those in our community, it’s a part of life for the very young.

How can you help us?
– Share our Facebook page on your personal wall. The more it is shared, the more it is seen. The more it is seen, the higher the chance that it will be seen by those who need it. The more it is seen by those who need it, the more it is utilized and the more children and families we help.
– Share directly with those who need it. If you know a family who is going through the grieving process and has children ages 3 – 18, let them know about Willow Center. Our services are free.
– Donate. As a non-profit organization that is free of charge for those using our services, we rely on volunteers and outside donations to stay open. We have costs associated with supplies used in group, volunteer training resources, administrative costs, and more.
– Volunteer! If you are interested in volunteering with Willow Center in any capacity, contact the office.

Over the course of the next several months, we will be presenting (via blog posts) what we’re doing in group meetings, what our volunteers are up to, volunteer profiles, and passages pulled from books and other grief resources. We want you to feel like you are a part of Willow Center because you are! Our attitudes, examples, actions and words affect everyone around us, including those journeying through grief. If you see something here you want to pin on Pinterest, please do! If you feel pulled to re-blog or share any of our posts on Facebook, your own blog, or another form of social media, we’d be thrilled. Check back often to see what we have for you and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send an email or give us a call. We are grateful to serve.



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Lewiston, Idaho 83501

Administrative Office address: 0309 2nd St. Lewiston, Idaho 83501

Gabriel Iacoboni, Executive Director

Twin County United Way - Clarkston, Washington